Texas based Record Help allows to clear, expunge or seal criminal records.
Record Help allows to clear your criminal record
Record Help allows to seal or expunge your criminal record
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Expunge or seal your record now by ordering our easy to use forms


Most people can file and successfully process their own Texas expungement forms without the assistance of a lawyer. All you need is the proper forms and easy step-by-step instructions to complete your Texas expungement. With these resources, a seemingly daunting task that might cost thousands of dollars by hiring an attorney can be completed for under $200.

If you have successfully completed deferred adjudication for a misdemeanor or felony, you may be eligible for a Texas expungement or Order for Nondisclosure. An Order for Nondisclosure is a document issued by a judge that orders all public agencies to cease and desist the release of information about your deferred adjudication punishment.

Based on the nature of the alleged offense, certain prescribed waiting times required by statute may exist. The sooner you begin the Texas expungement process, the sooner you can put any marks on your record behind you and move on.

Our forms are guaranteed to be up to date – all Texas expungement packages from Recordhelp.com include the current legislative update from August 2012 and any other updates that may take place before you apply.

When Am I Eligible for a Texas Expungement?

In the following cases you may be eligible to erase your criminal record through expungement if:

  • Your arrest did not result in a criminal charge
  • You were found not guilty by a judge or a jury
  • Your criminal record exists because someone misrepresented themselves as you when they were arrested (this is identity theft, but you will still need to clean your record)
  • You have plead guilty to a Class C misdemeanor alcohol crime such as public intoxication
  • A grand jury “no billed” an indictment against you
  • You complied with the terms of deferred adjudication for a Class C misdemeanor

When Am I Not Eligible for a Texas Expungement?

People who have a felony conviction on their record in the five years prior to the arrest they are seeking to expunge will not be able to expunge that arrest. Most offenses other than Class C misdemeanors that result in a conviction also cannot be expunged, with certain specific exceptions.

Recordhelp.com is Ready to Help

If you are ineligible for expungement, you may still be eligible to seal records related to the offense through an Order of Nondisclosure. At Recordhelp.com, we can assist you with obtaining an Order of Nondisclosure, with or without legal advice from our experienced Texas expungement attorneys. While the Order of Nondisclosure process is not guaranteed and always subject to a judge’s discretion, we can help you navigate the process.

Expungement Form

Expunge your records in Texas.

An expunction is a process by which you can have arrests and criminal charges completely removed from your record.


Current legislative update is included in these forms - August 2012.


Record Seal Form

Seal your your records by filing for a Petition for Non-Disclosure in Texas.

If you have successfully completed Deferred Adjudication for a misdemeanor or felony, you may be eligible for an Order of Non-Disclosure which is document that a judge signs, ordering all public agencies to no longer release information about the deferred adjudication punishment you completed.


Current legislative update is included in these forms - August 2012.

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