Texas based Record Help allows to clear, expunge or seal criminal records.
Record Help allows to clear your criminal record
Record Help allows to seal or expunge your criminal record
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Many people are under the misconception that, if they successfully complete the terms of their deferred adjudication, the associated arrest records disappear when the case is dismissed. This is not the case. You must file the proper forms for arrest and prosecution record expungement in Texas. If you fail to file these forms, your criminal records will remain available to the public.


Many people are eligible for Texas expungement and do not even realize it. In most cases, if a person has been arrested but the case was never prosecuted or was dismissed for procedural reasons, it should be examined for expungement eligibility. Sometimes individuals who have undergone a deferred adjudication or pled guilty to a minor misdemeanor may still be eligible. By ordering our Texas expungement eligibility test, you can determine the next step in the process.

Why should I determine if I have Texas expungement eligibility?

Creditors, landlords, employers, mortgage lenders and others check your background to investigate potential tenants, borrowers and employees. A mark on your record that you do not deserve can hurt you and cause you to lose the loan, apartment or job that you have been seeking.

Professional licenses often require you to disclose the existence of certain criminal records. The presence of arrests and case prosecutions can be misleading and give the appearance that you are trying to hide something. These records can lead to confusion and countless hours of headaches trying to straighten your record.

In addition, many positions require security clearances and background checks. Military, military contractor, law enforcement and other employers may be unable to promote or advance you in pay grade if you have an undeserved blemish on your record, so it is always best to eliminate unnecessary criminal records. In many cases, a mistake and many years of headaches can be cleared up by filing a few Texas expungement forms and paying minor fees.

If you do not act, you can face years of unearned discrimination for offenses you were not convicted of. Anyone can be arrested for offenses for which they are not guilty. However, the law requires the prosecution to prove its case in court to secure a conviction. Donít be one of the tens of thousands of Americans who leave unnecessary arrest records on their permanent criminal record. Order our Texas expungement eligibility test today.

Clear Your Record

Donít risk ruining your life down the road by a bad arrest or a wrongful prosecution in your past. Move on with your life and leave the past behind you through an expungement in Texas. Order our tests and determine if you are eligible for a Texas expungement today.


Current legislative update is included in these forms - August 2012.


Please note that due to the electronic nature of the documents, we do not offer refunds. For technical help, please contact customer support at support@recordhelp.com.

Each Eligibility Test Includes:

  • Eligibility Test Form
  • Either Expungement or Record Seal
  • Easy to Understand Instructions

Each Expungement Test does NOT Include:

  • Expungement Forms.
  • Records of your arrest, prosecution or criminal case.
  • Court Filing Fees. Filing fees vary and are paid directly to each county or court.

Eligibility Cost:

  • Our Eligibility Kit: $49.95

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