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Record Help allows to clear your criminal record
Record Help allows to seal or expunge your criminal record
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Do you find Texas expungement forms or the expungement process daunting? Would you like the peace of mind that comes with having a professionally licensed attorney review your Texas expungement forms? While our goal at Recordhelp.com is to help you complete the expungement process without the need for an attorney, some clients would like a little assistance. For those clients, we offer the ability to consult with a licensed Texas expungement attorney.

Many of our customers save thousands of dollars in legal fees by using our automated Texas expungement forms. The expungement process is not impossible, but it is also not intuitive. Now you can consult live with an experienced attorney who can assist with challenges you may have with the forms. There is no cookie-cutter process for pursuing a Texas expungement and a lawyer’s assistance can help save you time and money down the road. Even if you consult with one of our attorneys, Recordhelp.com can still save you thousands of dollars in legal representation costs.

Save Time and Money Through Our Attorney Hotline

If your case is particularly challenging, you likely will not be paying most attorneys their advertised flat rate. Many attorney retainer clauses contain provisions that provide for the attorney to bill outside of their flat rate if issues arise that complicate your Texas expungement eligibility. In such cases, fees can rise from a $3,000 retainer to costs in excess of $10,000. Most attorneys charge $250 to $400 dollars an hour or more after a “free” initial consultation.

The problem with retaining an attorney to assist with the entire expungement process is that by the time you realize that the representation will cost you more than originally anticipated, you may be well into the costs of representation. It is the proverbial legal sandtrap: do you start with a new attorney and incur all the new initial costs or stay with the lawyer who has completed several thousands of dollars of work for you already?

Call Our Texas Expungement Lawyers

Contact one of our Texas expungement attorneys for advice, guidance and assistance. Because of the volume of business we handle, we are able to offer clients the ability to consult with our Texas expungement attorneys for just $200 per hour.

Because of or easy and unique forms process, you can quickly identify the issues you have and focus on those in a phone call with our Texas expungement lawyers.

Low-Cost Texas Expungement and Attorney Consultation

Most questions can be handled in a matter of an hour or less. Even if you purchased our Texas expungement forms for $199.95 and paid for an hour of consultation with one of our attorneys, you would still pay less than $500. You could not even walk in the door at most law firms to discuss your Texas expungement eligibility for that fee. At Recordhelp.com, it is our goal to keep your expungement process as affordable and easy as possible.

Cost: $200 per Hour


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