Texas based Record Help allows to clear, expunge or seal criminal records.
Record Help allows to clear your criminal record
Record Help allows to seal or expunge your criminal record
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What is your Contact Information?
You can contact us by clicking here.

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Am I Eligible for Expunction?
Please purchase and download our Eligibility Test to see the requirements for a Texas criminal record expunction.

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What is an Expunction?
Upon the petition of a criminal defendant, a court can direct certain law enforcement agencies to destroy all records associated with an arrest and subsequent prosecution. Many times the court will specifically direct law enforcement agencies to destroy jail records, police reports, prosecution reports and court files. In addition, a successful expungement petitioner, can legally deny ever having been arrested for or charged with the criminal offense for which he is receiving the expunction. Background checks by employers come back clean.

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What is a Petition for Nondisclosure (Record Seal)?
Upon the petition of a criminal defendant, a court can direct certain law enforcement agencies to refrain from disclosing to any third party any criminal records associated with an arrest, prosecution and deferred probation. A successful petitioner can legally deny the existence of his arrest, charge and deferred probation. The order requires that any third party who buys criminal history information from Texas remove that information from their databases. If these third party vendors do not do so in accordance with the court’s order, they would be subject to civil penalties. Therefore, web site such as PublicData.com would be required by law to remove criminal history information subject to the court’s nondisclosure order or face civil penalties.

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Are you a Law Firm?
While our company is owned and operated by lawyers, we are not a law firm. Our site is not meant for legal advice. Rather it is meant to be able to order forms regarding a Texas Record Expunction or Eligibility Forms for a Texas Record Expunction.

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What are the Costs?
Eligibility Test: The cost of a eligibility test is $49.95.

Expunge or Record Seal Forms: The cost to file an expunction can be broken down into two categories: (i) cost of the form, and (ii) cost of the filing fees. The cost of each expunction form is $199.95 (either Expunction or Record Seal). This includes everything you need to expunge or seal your criminal record, except the filing fees. The filing fees will vary from county to county. Moreover, they are constantly changing. Click here to see a list of counties to find the correct court and clerk information.

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Please note that due to the electronic nature of the documents, we do not offer refunds. If you need technical support, please contact customer support at support@recordhelp.com.

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